About Me

Aaron Anderson

CO-FOUNDER, Blockchain Front-end Developer – dApp Developer


My Story

As an Assistant Operations Officer in the U.S. Army, Aaron saw first-hand how the government could make decisions, albeit well-intentioned, that had unforeseen negative consequences for innocent people. Intrigued by the transparency of blockchain technology, he learned how the government couldn’t control bitcoin. Judges couldn’t arbitrate smart contracts. And boardrooms couldn’t make rules behind closed doors, “I knew I wanted to contribute to blockchain technology so everyone can have the opportunity to take control of their destiny, instead of leaving it in the hands of Wall Street and the White House.”

Aaron earned a certificate in Front-End Engineering. Combined with his Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems, he sought out a position with Web3Devs. Aaron believes blockchain technology has the power to help people do good for themselves and their community. And his goal is to make the ethereal space easy for everyone.


Blockchain Front-end Engineer

Nov 2017 – Current


Certificate, Field Of StudyFront-end Engineering

The Iron Yard


WyoHackathon 2018

Electronic Corporate Formation Portal
(team lead)

WINNER Best for Wyoming Challenge
WINNER ActiveAether Challenge
WINNER ShapeShift Challenge for Wyoming Hackathon

ETH Memphis 2018

BookLocal Special Prize Recipient

EOS Hackathon San Francisco