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If you are developing a new technology on the blockchain, it can never be too early to begin toughening your systems.

Making sure that your contracts are actually “smart”, secure and ready to deploy is an essential component of any successful blockchain project and anyone deploying a smart contract ecosystem has a responsibility and duty not only to investors, their clients and partners, but also to the crypto community as a whole to guarantee that their smart contract is both safe and super secure.

Contracts need to be inspected to ensure sure they are:

  • Smart – That contracts are doing what they are supposed to be doing, that the logic works and results in a fluid and hassle-free transaction.
  • Secure – Vulnerabilities in a smart contract can be exploited by malicious methods, which could lead to stolen and often, unrecoverable assets.

Setting the Standard for Blockchain Security

Having you code thoroughly inspected and stress tested by a professional auditing team is the best assurance against code errors, stress related pitfalls, and security risks.

Why work with us?

These days everyone says they are into “Crypto” but there are very few specialised companies occupying this complex arena. Partner with Web3Dev and you’ll clearly see the difference between a professional audit and some popup service from social media.

What happens next?

Arrange a call with our friendly and experience team, we’ll provide you with costings and how long we estimate the audit will take. We’ll also let you know what we need to conduct the audit.
Our audits will cover a wide range of analysis and our highly experienced team will review the following:

  • Design Patterns – Analysis of your smart contract design patterns. We will validate that the smart contract is structured in a way that will not result in future issues.
  • Manual Analysis – An in-depth overview of smart contracts to identify common weaknesses. This will include but not limited to transaction ordering dependence, race conditions, timestamp dependence, and DoS attacks.
  • Network Behaviour – Detailed analysis is performed simulating how each smart contract will operate once in production. How will it interact with the network, how much gas will be required, and whether or not they can improved.

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