Connect to any Blockchain with a WordPress Plugin

If it were as easy as a WordPress Plugin…

How would your business use blockchain technology?

Connect to a Blockchain with a WordPress Plugin

Have you written to a blockchain?

I went to meetups and read countless articles about blockchain technology.

One day it dawned on me.

I’m Scott Finney and I had not written anything to any blockchain.

If only there was a Blockchain WordPress Plugin

I had seen years of presenters showing off screenshots and even provided over the shoulder video of how it’s done.

But when asked “have you written to a blockchain?” my honest answer was still an embarrassing “no”.

This internal pain point lead me to reach out to Brian Wentzloff.

I have known Brian for years, we connected through the Memphis area start-up scene.

I’ve asked Brian countless embarrassing technology questions over the years.

It’s hard to write to a blockchain

Brian and I talked about what I was looking to do and the challenges I was facing.

It was through this conversation we developed the first web3devs Blockchain WordPress Plugin, WP Commitment Contract.

The Commitment Contract Plugin allows anyone running a WordPress site to write text to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Once the plugin was live in the WordPress directory, we started getting emails.

People were using the plugin!

Not only were they using this plugin, it sparked ideas.

If it were as easy as a WordPress Plugin…

How would you connect to a blockchain

When we heard “This is great, but our company would like to…” enough times.

It was time to offer Custom WordPress Blockchain Development Services.

If you have an idea how you would like to connect to the Ethereum Blockchain or another public or private blockchain.

You can! All you need is a WordPress site and to contact web3devs about your project.

Web3devs Connects Your Business to Blockchains!

Blockchain WordPress Plugin Updates

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