Ethereum Tip Jar WordPress Plugin

Accept Crypto from your website visitors


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Simply installation

All you need is a website running on WordPress. We walk you through the rest of the process! In minutes, you can be accepting Ethereum Cryptocurrency straight from your site.

Friendly Support

Simply install this plugin. We’ll guide you through the entire process.

Smart Money

Embrace the money of the future. Digital currency is being used to transfer value over the Internet. Create your own wallet. Start building your crypto currency and knowledge of how to accumulate it.

Save & secure

Create your wallet. Store your private key somewhere safe. Use your public key for accepting transactions.

Fast Transaction

Crypto Currencies transactions don’t rely on bank office hours. Get your funds fast when using digital currency.

24/7 Access

You decide when to send and receive funds. With Eth Tip Jar, your account is ready to receive funds while your website is up and running.

WP-EthTipJar let your WordPress site visitors send Ether directly to your wallet!

Simply install this plugin. We’ll guide you through the entire process.


You will not believe how easy it is!

The WP-EthTipJar blockchain wordpress plugin allows you to display your Ethereum public address to your website traffic.

Website visitors can easily tip you for the great content you provide.

If that sounds challenging, don’t worry. We walk you through the entire set up process.


the WP-EthTipJar blockchain plugin.


your contract.


the Contract Address field.


the widget to display on your site.

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