Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin

Accept Crypto from your website visitors

What is a Cryptocurrency WordPress plugin?

Finally a way for WordPress website owners to accept digital currency from their visitors. This simple to use Cryptocurrency WordPress plugin makes it easy for anyone to send and receive Ethererum Crypto.

Everyone has heard of the worlds largest blockchain, Bitcoin. Ether is the currency on the worlds second largest blockchain. Do you have a WordPress site? Over a fourth of the Internet is running on WordPress. If you aren’t on a WordPress website, you are just 5 minutes away from launching one.

Why Did We Create This WordPress Plugin

Blockchain technology is all the buzz. The largest challenge the blockchain space has is user adoption. “user adoption” is a fancy term for getting people to use something. All new technology is technical to start. All this blockcahin stuff can get technical in a hurry. This plugin gets website owners and website visitors over the technical hurdle.

How Does This Plugin Work?

A WordPress website owner installs our Ethereum Tip Jar WordPress Plugin from the WordPress plugin Directory.

The plugin will walk you through the rest of the steps.

You will need to create a wallet. Put your wallet public address into the plugin dashboard. Click a couple buttons. Finally add the Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin Widget on your website.

How Are You Taking Crypto Now

Is your website taking payments? Do you want to accept payments? When you start researching crypo payment collection you will find yourself in a rabbit hole of questions around payment gateways, exchanges, prices…

It could be as easy as publishing a widget on your site. Think how easy a PayPal link is verses an entire eCommerce site. Sometimes you just need an easy way for site visitors to send over funds.

This plugin will let you facilitate Ether transactions. Your visitors need to have MetaMask installed on their browsers, but that is it.

Blockchain WordPress Plugin Updates

Stay update to date on updates to existing Blockchain WordPress Plugins and the publishing of new plugins by web3devs.

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