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Blockchain WordPress development

If you didn’t know already, WordPress runs over a third of the planets websites, its super flexible and highly scalable and for these reasons, our team are focused on providing seamless functionality between the WordPress frontend and Ethereum blockchain technology on the backend.

What are the benefits

Installation – Easy to install just like any other WordPress plugin

Design Control – You keep control of the design of your website via your WordPress theme

Connections – We are able to utilise the Ethereum Blockchain, (ADD MORE HERE IF NEEDED) or any other public or private blockchains.

Unique features – Your plugin can include a host of unique features tailored to your business

Need a Custom Blockchain WordPress Plugin?

So, if you are looking to fuse the flexibility of WordPress and the power of blockchain, then Web3dev can help make this happen!
Speak to our team about our specialised and highly customisable Blockchain WordPress Solutions. You provide the brief and the challenges you are facing, and our team of experience WordPress and Blockchain developers will work with you to merge your WordPress designs with your Blockchain project.

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