PayID Hackathon 2020 3rd Place Winner

Web3devs participated in PayID Hackathon: Make money move like email hosted by Devpost.

Unisend – Send money internationally for free




It’s quite hard, expensive, and slow to pay overseas developers.

What it does

Unisend allows you to send money to anywhere in the world for basically free via an XRP payment rails and PayId. This is done by using Dwolla and Plaid to withdraw money from the sender’s bank via ACH. Those funds are deposited into an exchange. The USD is immediately exchanged for XRP. The XRP tokens to the recipient’s exchange address which is on their PayId. The tokens are immediately sold once the webhook is triggered. From there, the funds are send to the recipients bank account.

How we built it

We used React for the frontend and Express NodeJS for the backend. We utilized numerous APIs including Plaid and Dwolla. These two APIs allow us to withdraw funds from a user’s US bank account via ACH. We also used the Indian banking API to handle their ACH equivalent.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up Dwolla and making it function with Plaid.

Built With

  • antdesign
  • dwolla
  • express.js
  • node.js
  • payid
  • plaid
  • react
  • ripple

Try it out

Learn more on Devpost HERE

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