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Brian Wentzloff



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Brian Wentzloff is a veteran software developer and product manager. He started his career working with backend technologies such as PHP, Python, C, C++, and Java. He has expanded his knowledge in the last few years to include HTML, JS, Bootstrap, and MaterialUI.  As a full-stack developer, he is now the lead developer for web3devs in Solidity, Truffle, web3.js, and all things blockchain. In his spare time, he is known to help musicians as an audio programmer. Brian has taken on an ambassador rule this year with web3devs and committed to spend 20% of his time educating and speaking to others about blockchain. He has already spoken at some fantastic events and is always open to talking at more.  Please feel free to reach out and inquire about his schedule.

Speaking Engagements

DevSpace Conference

“Building a simple blockchain using Python”
October 13, 2018

devspace slide deck

Little Rock Tech Fest

“Writing smart contracts in Ethereum using Solidity”
October 4, 2018


“Making your DApp truly decentralized using IPFS”
September 6, 2018


EthAtlanta Hackathon

Grand Prize

Attendee / Participant

EOSHackathon San Francisco