One of the web3devs releases a Christmas bitcoin ornament

bitcoin roller-coaster meme guy ornament

bitcoin roller-coaster meme guy ornament

Web3devs’ own Brian Wentzloff had a bunch of Bitcoin ornaments made up.

The Christmas ornaments have the bitcoin rollercoaster meme guy in a Santa hat and in a sleigh.

We all got one for Christmas this year, you can grab your own at this site:

And — of course — you can buy them with cryptocurrency 🙂

Blockchain WordPress plugins released by web3devs

Web3devs has released two WordPress plugins. The Wordpress plugins help users of the popular website platform to get into the blockchain game.

wp-commitment-contract lets users make a list of commitments or resolution and forever encode them on the Ethereum blockchain. If you don’t hit your goals, there’s no way to go back after the fact and edit what you originally said you were going to do — blockchains are forever.

wp-coinhive wraps a WordPress plugin around the popular Coinhive browser miner. Just enable the plugin and you will be set up to have users mine Monero for you. The browser miner is turned off by default so users have to opt-in to start the miner. Please use responsibly and let visitors of your site know what’s going on.

What blockchain plugin is WordPress missing? Talk to web3devs about creating one for your site.