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James Ruffer



My Story

I started my career in the computer forensics industry and have had the pleasure of working with some amazing agencies and police forces throughout the USA. I then moved on to the other side of the table as a certified ethical hacker and was able to better understand how certain industries were vulnerable to hackers. I have since moved on to become an entrepreneur and have started some amazing companies in the mobile and FinTech. I have used my connections to build an amazing development team and took time to be trained in Ruby and agile development, which has allowed me to better manage decentralized teams. I have a passion for the FinTech industry and love solving complex issues with technology. Currently, I am back to development in the blockchain space. Helping startups write whitepapers for ICOs as well as developing PoC/MVP apps to the blockchain. It’s an amazing time to be in this space.

Patent 3,135,642 is from James F Ruffer and I hope to have that honor someday as well.

Agile project management, Ruby on Rails, Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, Bitcoin, Dash, EOS, ICO Hyperledger Fabric, C|EH, WordPress MU, DevOps, Terraform, AWS, Docker administration, BSD Administration, Linux Administration, MySQL, Security Engineering, Security Architecture, Encryption Architecture, Penetration Testing, Apache w/Modsec and Nginx w/Naxsi, Mobile Payments, Mobile Wallet, 3dsecure, Verified by Visa, SecureCode by MasterCard, EMV, PCI Compliance Standards Level 1, Payment Gateway development.

Speaking Engagements

BlockChain Florida Conference

“Practical blockchain applicaitons”
November 2nd, 2018

Bitcoin Florida Gators

“Using payment gateways with BTC”
October 1st, 2018


“Making your DApp truly decentralized using IPFS”
September 6, 2018


EthAtlanta Hackathon

Grand Prize

StartupWeekend Gainesville

Grand Prize

Attendee / Participant

EOS Hackathon San Francisco 2018