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This week’s featured collector is AlexanderNacho

AlexanderNacho’s collection caught our attention because it has a few NFT souvenirs they picked up at DevCon 5 and 6, one of the leading global conferences for the Ethereum community. Very cool to see! Browse AlexanderNacho’s gallery at

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AI Meets Blockchain: Creating a Unique NFT Collection with ChatGPT, Midjourney and Third Web

Hey everyone! 😄 We just found this amazing video where someone created a full NFT collection using ChatGPT, Midjourney AI, and Third Web. We wanted to share a quick summary of what we learned so you can check it out too!

The creator starts by asking ChatGPT for ideas for an NFT collection and image prompts. ChatGPT comes up with a cool concept called “Synthetic Wonders,” which combines nature and artificial intelligence. It also provides prompts for five unique art pieces: AI Bloom, Cyber Safari, Neural Landscape, Digital Ocean, and Machine Metropolis.

Next, the creator uses Midjourney, an AI image-generating tool within Discord, to bring these prompts to life. They run three prompts simultaneously, generating four images for each, and pick the best ones to create their NFT collection.

After creating the images, the creator moves on to Third Web to set up the project. They create a smart contract, deploying it on the Goerli testnet for the demo. They fill in the project details, including the name, symbol, image, and description, as well as royalties and wallet addresses for primary sales. They then deploy the contract and confirm the transaction.

Within the contract dashboard, the creator sets up the NFTs and claim conditions. Finally, they create a claiming site using Third Web’s NFT drop template, which allows users to claim their NFTs directly from the site.

It’s fascinating to see AI and blockchain technology coming together in such a creative way. If you’re interested in creating your own NFT collection, we highly recommend checking out the video at

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