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This week’s featured collector is Touchon

Touchon is an artist living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their Lazy profile has many samples of their art, including “Musicality of the Eye” — a collection exploring the elements of visual musicality. Check out Touchon’s artwork at

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NFTs are still alive and have a great foundation of collectors. Here’s a quick look at the most important stories in the NFT universe this week:

Sotheby’s Schedules Second Grails Collection Auction

The esteemed auction house, Sotheby’s, will once again host a sale of prized NFTs seized from the bankrupt crypto hedge fund, Three Arrows Capital, on June 15. Among the 37 digital art pieces up for auction, a particular work of interest is Dmitri Cherniak’s Ringers #879 (aka “The Goose“), valued between $2-3 million. The first set of NFTs auctioned from this collection brought in a hefty $2.4 million. Another private sale brought in over $3 million. So far, the collection’s liquidation sales have accrued more than $6 million, set to surpass the estimated total sales of $9.8 million.

Bitcoin Makes a Significant Stride in the NFT Space

Bitcoin is bolstering its presence in the NFT market with the introduction of the BRC-721E token standard. Developed by and Xverse Bitcoin Wallet, this standard allows Ethereum-based ERC-721 projects to bridge their NFTs to the Bitcoin network. The procedure involves “burning” the ERC-721 token and inscribing the NFT onto the Bitcoin network. This new standard further solidifies NFTs on Bitcoin, a technological development that few would have predicted a year ago.

A Hacker Adds a New Feature to the Blur NFT Marketplace

A hacker, “Pink Drainer”, has found a way to enable private sales on the Blur NFT platform, a feature previously unavailable on the platform. By exploiting the royalty system, the hacker can purchase items for near-zero ETH, essentially making it a private listing on Blur. Despite its illicit origins, this technique might pave the way for legitimate private listings on Blur and even lead to the creation of a user-friendly interface that simplifies this process.

EA and Nike Announce Partnership for NFTs in Games

EA and Nike have revealed a partnership aimed at bringing select virtual assets from Nike’s Web3 marketplace platform, .Swoosh, to future EA Sports games. Although details remain sparse, we know that these assets will include virtual NFT footwear and apparel. This partnership aligns with Nike’s previously outlined vision that its virtual apparel could eventually be used in video games and “other immersive experiences”.

It’s another interesting week in the world of NFTs, encapsulating everything from high-value auctions to technological breakthroughs, and underlining the continuing creativity and innovation in this space.

What’s Your Take Bitcoin NFTs?

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