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This week’s featured collector is Fjebara

Fjebara collection stands out because it has a clear theme: NFTs of paintings. Plus, the paintings they have collected are all highly evocative. Check it out at

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Global survey reveals which countries are most likely to invest in NFTs.

Source: Consensys

Here’s a few interesting insights from the latest Consensys’ global survey.

First of all, the survey reveals that the term ‘cryptocurrency’ is widely recognized worldwide, but the concept of ‘web3’ needs more public awareness. Encouragingly, the internet community’s principles align closely with the web3 ideals of user control and data ownership, enabled by smart contracts, DeFi, and decentralized apps.

The survey highlights that many internet users feel they bring significant value to the web and hence, seek proper remuneration. This viewpoint aligns with the web3 vision of a fair digital ecosystem powered by cryptocurrency. However, the perceived volatility, risk, and potential fraud in the crypto market are hindrances to adoption. Addressing these misconceptions requires improved security measures, stringent actions against fraud, and increased transparency.

Discussing NFTs, a key component of the web3 ecosystem, the survey indicates that about one-third of the global participants are familiar with the term. Awareness is highest in the U.S., India, South Africa, and Nigeria, while European nations, South America, and Japan show lesser recognition.

Despite varying levels of awareness, NFT ownership is gaining momentum globally. Nigeria leads the pack with 90% of respondents expressing an intention to invest, followed by South Africa, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India.

Furthermore, the creation of NFTs saw a significant uptick among the various web3 activities over the past year, underlining their vital role in the web3 sphere. However, the survey found that for wider NFT adoption, comprehensive education is vital. There is a need for standard practices, user-focused education on risks and appropriate practices, and increased accountability within the cryptocurrency sector.

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This week’s poll: Are you planning to invest in or collect NFTs over the next 12 months?

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