Newsletter #116


This week’s featured collector is NFTPao

NFTPao has a nice collection of Ethereum NFTs. Their focus is on cartoon aesthetics and homages to Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto who was mistakenly identified as the creator of Bitcoin. Check out NFTPao’s collection at

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This week in NFTs: OpenSea Upgrades and Stirs Up Controversy

OpenSea Launches Deals

OpenSea, the well-known non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, has launched a new feature named “Deals”, permitting peer-to-peer NFT trades. The newly announced feature allows traders to use their NFTs to trade instead of cryptocurrency. The goal is to make the trading process more secure and trustworthy because the process eliminates the need for risky direct messaging with anons. All deal offerings, views, and acceptances happen directly on OpenSea. Furthermore, “Deals” also supports the option to include wrapped ether (WETH) to incentivize the transaction. The introduction of “Deals” comes at a critical juncture, as OpenSea market grapples with still competition and decreasing floor prices.

OpenSea Sparks Controversy

Ether.Fi, an emerging Ethereum staking platform, has voiced its frustration after its staked-ether NFTs were abruptly delisted from OpenSea. The Ether.Fi CEO, Mike Silagadze, publicized the sudden removal in an open letter, explaining the successful launch of Ether.Fan, an NFT collection backed by staked ETH. He reported the entire 3,000 NFT collection was minted in a day, with an impressive 6,200 ETH staked, and swiftly followed by OpenSea listings. However, without warning or explanation, the listings were disabled, effectively halting the trading of the staked-ether NFTs. OpenSea’s response cited a policy against NFT collections conducting “financial activities subject to registration or licensing.”

Silagadze critique of OpenSea for disallowing a utility-driven collection while permitting unregulated speculative trading activities highlights the diverging visions of the future of NFTs. Makes Improvements!

We made some improvements to the profile pages at Most importantly, you’ll notice faster loading times along with the eradication of a few pesky bugs that were impacting some users. Check it out! As always, if you notice anything that isn’t working as expected on please send us an email at to let us know!

This week’s poll: Will you use OpenSea’s “Deals” Feature to trade NFTs for NFTs?

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