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This week’s featured collector is hellomeysam

Hellomeysam collects Ethereum, Polygon and NBA Top Shot NFTs. They are especially fans of Lazy Cubs. Check out their collection at

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Tutorial: Harnessing Signature-Based Minting to Reward Fans with NFTs

Here’s an intriguing tutorial for all the NFT creators out there: how to use signature-based minting to reward users with NFTs after they complete a task.

Signature-based minting offers a range of exciting possibilities for NFTs. Think of it as a way of ensuring that certain criteria are met before a user is allowed to mint an NFT. For instance, an artist could use this to ensure that only genuine fans or those who have knowledge about their work can mint a limited edition NFT. Or, educational institutions could release NFT certificates, where only students who pass a particular exam or assessment can mint their digital certificate. Businesses could use it for loyalty programs, allowing only those who’ve made specific purchases to mint a special NFT as a reward. The possibilities are vast, making this a versatile tool in the expanding NFT space.

In this video, Thirdweb dives into signature-based minting with a step-by-step practical example: a quiz smart contract. Only after successfully answering the quiz can the NFT be minted.

Watch the full tutorial here.

This week’s poll: Have you ever created an NFT?

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