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This week’s featured collector is Matthiasfgdm

Matthiasfgdm is collects VeeFriends and Gift Goats on Ethereum. Check out their full collection at

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Tutorial: Create a Camera that Mints NFTs

Here’s an fun DIY project for NFT creators: a camera that automatically mints NFTs.

The Blockchain Camera, designed by tinkerer Human Controller, is a prototype camera that captures a photo and instantly mints an NFT, acting as a seal of authenticity. The camera runs on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and a Raspberry Pi Camera V2. Power it up with a USB battery bank, and you’re ready to mint! Simply frame your shot, click the “Mint now” button, and finalize your NFT on the blockchain. Dive into this tutorial and embark on a journey to create your very own NFT Camera. Let us know how it goes!

Full tutorial:

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