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This week’s featured collector is Vittorioilmagat

Vittorioilmagat is an engineer and artist. Their Lazy collection features many of the artworks they have created, such as this uniquely compelling collection of eyes. Check it out at

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Documenting CryptoPunks: Indie Exploration of an NFT Icon

Indie filmmaker Sherone Rabinovitz’s upcoming documentary, “CryptoPunks Origins,” traces the journey of the CryptoPunks NFT project from its experimental beginnings to its role as a seminal work in the digital art movement. With a decidedly independent production ethos that mirrors the punk spirit of the project’s creators, the film aims to offer an grassroots narrative about CryptoPunks, capturing its essence well before it caught mainstream attention.

Watch the extended trailer here.

MoMA Launches NFT Art Project to Encourage Creativity on the Blockchain

The MoMA Postcard project is an innovative experiment in collective creativity on the blockchain. It kicked off with a pre-launch titled “MoMA Postcard First 15,” involving 15 artists from across the globe who contributed to digital postcards. These artists iteratively added to each postcard, which traversed multiple cities and continents, while responding to a designated prompt.

Artists who have engaged with the project highlight the global, community-driven nature of blockchain art. They point out that the blockchain ecosystem enables new dialogues between artists and collectors, challenging conventional art-world norms. MoMA’s Postcard project is also a celebration of accessibility, shifting focus from high-value auctions to community building and shared creativity.

The significance of the MoMA Postcard initiative is twofold: it showcases the potential of blockchain for revolutionizing how art is created, shared, and preserved; and it also marks a milestone for an established institution like MoMA in embracing web3 technologies. Artists involved in the project are optimistic that it is the start of a monumental shift in the narrative surrounding blockchain, contemporary, and digital art.

This week’s poll: Which aspect of blockchain’s influence on art and culture interests you most?

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