Newsletter #138

This week’s featured collector is NFTFox

NFTFox’s collection showcases a dynamic blend of themes, from the intense spectacle of a fiery explosion to a nostalgic, graffiti-style nod to classic video games, and surrealistic portrayals. Each piece in their collection captures the essence of NFTs: unpredictable, culturally rich, and boundlessly creative. Check it out at

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The results of last week’s poll: What do you think about the RARI Chain’s approach to NFT royalties?

The poll results reflect a mostly positive opinion on the RARI Chain’s approach to NFT royalties, with the most significant share of respondents, each at 36%, viewing it as an “Innovative approach” and “Good for artists,” indicating a majority perception that this royalty-mandatory blockchain could be a groundbreaking and beneficial solution for creators. In contrast, only 9% of the participants doubt its potential to become widely accepted, marking it as “Won’t catch on.” A equally small proportion, another 9%, admit to uncertainty, selecting “I’m not sure,” which suggests a need for more information or clarity on the subject. Lastly, the “Something else” option, also at 9%, points to the presence of alternative perspectives or considerations not captured within the poll’s provided choices. Based on this informal poll, it looks like RARI Chain could be onto something.

Where do you get your NFT news? Here are some of our favorite sources.

Navigating the complex and nuanced world of NFTs requires access to current, credible news sources that can keep you up to date with the ever changing intricacies of this digital asset class. For enthusiasts, creators, or stakeholders, it is important to understand the subtle shifts in narratives, legal frameworks, and the technological underpinnings of NFTs.

This week we’re delving into some our favorite sources of news about NFTs.

News Aggregators: OnePageCrypto and LuckyTrader is a news site that does exactly what the domain name describes: an ultra-efficient one page website that aggregates news from across the crypto ecosystem, including NFTs. This is a relatively new website and one that we will be keeping tabs on. Another favorite is which features original content about digital assets.

Telegram: NFTek News and NFT Avenue

Telegram is often the place to go for real time updates on NFT news. There are many different channels worth checking out. Two of our favorites are NFTek News for news and NFT Avenue for chat.

Crypto-Native App:

If you’re open to trying something new then give Farcaster a chance. Many well known people in the crypto ecosystem use the app. And because it is still relatively unknown, there are a lot fewer bots and spam.

This week’s poll: How frequently do you seek out news and updates on NFTs?

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