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This week’s featured collector is DoctorFomo

DoctorFomo’s eclectic NFT collection delights with its blend of nostalgia, whimsy, and artistic diversity, catering to a spectrum of tastes. Overall, the collection appeals to connoisseurs of digital art who cherish innovation, humor, and the unexpected. View it at

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The results of last week’s poll: Do you believe gifting company equity to NFT holders will become a common practice among NFT projects?

The poll indicates an optimistic view within the NFT community regarding the novel practice of gifting company equity to NFT holders. A significant percentage acknowledges the potential for this trend to reshape community rewards and company ownership. Yet, the 43% responding “possibly” suggests caution over the legal and practical complexities involved. Interestingly, no respondents completely dismissed the idea.

How will the Bitcoin ETFs impact NFTs?

This week marks a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency community as the Bitcoin ETF was approved and began trading. What will the impact of this milestone be for NFT collectors? Based on a recent report in NFT Now, this development carries both immediate and long-term implications.

In the short term, increased Bitcoin demand from ETF investors may inject volatility into the crypto markets, a scenario that historically hasn’t favored NFTs. However, the resulting ‘wealth effect’ from a buoyed crypto market could translate into heightened demand for NFTs, as collectors feel more financially empowered to invest.

Mid-to-long term, the approval is likely to attract new and institutional investors, which can lead to increased visibility and credibility for the NFT space. This could be a boon, particularly for prominent artists and projects within the Ethereum ecosystem, potentially leading to a concentration of interest and investment in high-quality NFTs. This is doubly true if there are signs that Ethereum will be the next ETF to be approved.

Overall, cultural impacts also loom large. The Bitcoin ETF lends further legitimacy to the crypto world, which is crucial in an era looking to rebuild trust post-high-profile fraud cases and dramatic price swings. This enhanced legitimacy could draw in new talent across various disciplines who are newly willing to be associated with the crypto industry, bolstering the NFT sector with fresh creativity and leadership.

While the immediate correlation between the Bitcoin ETF and the NFT market may not be direct, the ripple effects of this landmark financial instrument could shape the trajectory of NFTs in profound ways.

For a deeper dive, check out NFT Now’s report What Do BTC Spot ETFs Mean for the NFT Space?

This week’s poll: What will the impact of the Bitcoin ETF be on NFTs?

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