Newsletter #148: Three Significant Events

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The results of last week’s poll: How significant do you believe EtherRocks are to NFT history?

Last week’s poll showcases a fragmented view on EtherRocks’ impact on NFT history: 40% see minimal significance and 30% outright dismiss their importance, revealing strong skepticism; while the remaining 30% attribute moderate to high significance, acknowledging their early presence in the NFT space. These mixed responses underscore continued disagreement over the significance of EtherRocks.

This Week’s NFT News: Three Significant Events and a Warning to Stay Safe

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 and NFTs, recent developments have raised eyebrows and prompted discussions among collectors and enthusiasts. This week we delve into three significant events and a warning to stay safe in the NFT space.

eBay’s Shifting Stance on NFTs

Over a year after eBay’s acquisition of NFT marketplace KnownOrigin, the e-commerce giant appears to be reevaluating its commitment to the Web3 space. Despite initial moves to integrate NFTs and digital collectibles into its platform, there are rumors of significant layoffs, and the departure of key figures, within eBay’s NFT team suggesting a strategic pivot. For NFT collectors, this development highlights the volatile nature of mainstream corporate involvement in NFT ventures.

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MetaMask’s Active Users Return to All-Time Highs

In an optimistic sign that the masses may be returning to crypto and NFTs, MetaMask reports a surge in monthly active users to levels nearing its all-time high during the previous bull market. This growth of users is occurring amid comparable trading levels of Bitcoin and Ethereum to those periods.

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Yuga Labs Acquires Moonbirds

Yuga Labs’ acquisition of Proof, creator of Moonbirds, marks a significant consolidation within the NFT space. This move not only expands Yuga Labs’ portfolio—Cryptopunks, Bored Apes, and more—but also signals its intent to continue to be a major force across every facet of the Web3 and NFT landscape. The integration of Proof’s assets and team into Yuga Labs’ ecosystem suggests potential for innovation and cross-promotion among high-profile NFT collections. Meanwhile, for collectors, understanding the implications of such acquisitions is crucial for anticipating market trends and identifying opportunities. It also raises questions about competition, collaboration, and the future direction of prominent NFT projects. In other words, are we on the brink of the monopolization of NFTs by a few huge companies?

Get more details at ArtNews.

Protecting Yourself Against Scam NFTs

There has been a rise of scam NFTs exploiting the allure of free rewards to trick users into giving up their valuable NFTs. These scams, sophisticated in their approach, prey on the eagerness of collectors and investors for lucrative opportunities. This underscores the importance of vigilance and carefulness in safeguarding your NFTs. For NFT collectors, awareness and education on the mechanics of these scams are essential in navigating the Web3 space safely. Therefore, we recommend you read the detailed guide by Ledger on how to identify scam NFTs and stay safe.


It appears the dynamic days of NFTs have returned in full force as evolution within the space is increasing. From eBay’s strategic shifts and MetaMask’s user growth to Yuga Labs’ market consolidation and the risks posed by scam NFTs, collectors are navigating an ecosystem rich with opportunities and challenges. Stay informed and be safe out there!

This week’s poll: What’s your take on Yuga Labs buying Moonbirds?

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