Newsletter #153: Performance Art NFT

This week’s featured collector is BlueGoblin

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The results of last week’s poll: How will Seaport 1.6 impact your NFT strategy?

Last week’s poll asks how the Seaport 1.6 upgrade will impact collector’s NFT strategies. The top response at 33% is to try NFTs with the new hook utility that Seaport 1.6 enables. The second most popular answer, also at 33%, is to watch the ecosystem’s response and then decide on any strategy changes. 11% say they will focus on DeFi-integrated NFTs, which Seaport 1.6 may facilitate. Another 11% don’t plan to change their approach. The remaining 11% selected “Something else”.

In summary, while a third of respondents are eager to experiment with Seaport 1.6’s new NFT capabilities right away, an equal number are taking a wait-and-see approach. A sizable minority are interested in DeFi integrations or aren’t planning any strategy changes. Overall, the poll suggests Seaport 1.6 has piqued the interest of many NFT collectors, but its ecosystem-wide impacts remain to be seen.

Reimagining the Future of Performance Art Through NFTs

Photograph of a man sitting on a darkened stage behind an electrical fan that blows polystyrene balls in the air

The Sphere DAO, a “Circus DAO” established in 2020, is pushing the boundaries of art collecting and patronage by exploring innovative ways to collect, monetize, and sustain live and performance art using NFTs and blockchain technology. Through unique mechanisms like the Karmic Funding Campaign, which empowers the community to vote on and crowdfund “seed” and “derivative” performances, and a custom marketplace that enforces automatic royalty distributions, the Sphere is harnessing the potential of web3 tools to create a vibrant, participatory ecosystem that financially supports artists and fosters artistic communities.

For NFT collectors, the Sphere represents a new frontier in the world of art and blockchain. By offering fresh models for collecting and engaging with ephemeral art forms, nurturing responsive communities around the artworks, and providing opportunities to discover and support emerging live art and crypto-media works, the Sphere challenges collectors to think beyond the traditional confines of buying and selling NFTs. As the project continues to evolve, with initiatives like the Anarchiving Game, which invites participants to create and collect “fragments” of live art experiences, it promises to be an important case study in the potential of NFTs to reshape the art world.

To dive deeper into the Sphere DAO’s story, its innovative funding and royalty sharing mechanisms, and its ambitious plans for the future, be sure to read the full in-depth interview on Outland. This in-depth conversation with core team members offers valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of building a groundbreaking art ecosystem at the intersection of live performance and NFTs. Whether you’re a seasoned NFT collector or simply curious about the cutting edge of art and technology, this is a project worth following closely.

Read more at Outland.

This week’s poll: Looking ahead to the next 3-5 years, how optimistic are you about the potential of NFTs to revolutionize the art world?

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