Newsletter #165: New NFT Film

This week’s featured collector is Lawr

Lawr is a collector of Ethereum NFTs with a focus on profile pictures. A few different styles and some surprises. Check out their collection at is the easiest way to create a gallery of your NFT collection. Show some love for NFTs by sharing this newsletter with your friends!


The results of last week’s poll: Should governments regulate the NFT market?

The poll on NFT market regulation reveals a stark divide in opinion, with half of respondents opposing government oversight while the other half is split between support and uncertainty. This fragmentation reflects the broader debate in the crypto and NFT communities about the role of traditional regulatory bodies in decentralized markets. The strong preference for an unregulated environment suggests many view government intervention as a potential threat to the innovative nature of the NFT space.

The Stormtrooper Scandal: A Cautionary Tale for NFT Collectors

The Stormtrooper Scandal,” a newly released documentary, offers a fascinating glimpse into the wild west of early NFT projects, serving as both a cautionary tale and a testament to the disruptive potential of blockchain technology in the art world.

For NFT enthusiasts, the film provides valuable insights into the complexities and pitfalls of large-scale NFT drops, especially when traditional art and intellectual property rights collide with the decentralized ethos of crypto. Ben Moore’s journey from charity art curator to overnight crypto millionaire highlights the immense opportunities NFTs present for reimagining art ownership and distribution. The lightning-fast sellout of the Art Wars collection demonstrates the fervent demand for NFTs tied to recognizable IP and established artists.

However, the subsequent unraveling of the project due to copyright issues and lack of artist consent serves as a crucial lesson for collectors and creators alike. It underscores the importance of due diligence, clear provenance, and respect for intellectual property rights in the NFT space. While the film may paint a somewhat negative picture of NFTs, savvy collectors will recognize that it primarily exposes the pitfalls of rushing into projects without proper groundwork.

Ultimately, “The Stormtrooper Scandal” is a must-watch for NFT collectors. It provides valuable context for the evolution of the NFT market and serves as a reminder of the transformative potential of NFTs when executed responsibly. As the space continues to mature, learning from early missteps like those depicted in this film will be crucial for collectors navigating this exciting new frontier.

Watch on the BBC’s iPlayer. (UK only, unfortunately).

The Art of NFT Navigation: Insights from Tyler Warner

In a recent interview, Tyler Warner, known as Tyler Did It on social media, offered a candid account of riding the NFT wave to a portfolio peak of 1,000 ETH (~$3 million), only to see much of it evaporate in the subsequent bear market. The interview encapsulates the exhilarating highs and sobering lows familiar to many in the space.

Warner’s enduring optimism for digital sports collectibles, particularly NBA Top Shot, reflects a nuanced understanding of how blockchain technology is reshaping traditional markets. His experience with Pudgy Penguins – from early adoption to strategic exit and re-entry – offers a masterclass in navigating project lifecycles and the critical importance of leadership in determining long-term value.

For NFT collectors and crypto enthusiasts alike, Warner’s insights serve as both a beacon and a warning, highlighting the need for strategic acumen, continuous learning, and resilience in the face of market volatility. His journey underscores that in the world of digital assets, success is not just about riding waves, but about understanding the tides that create them.

Read the full interview at Cointelegraph Magazine.

This week’s poll: When was the last time you purchased an NFT?

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