Newsletter #45

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Serious NFT collecting requires a lot of research. There are countless new projects spread across several blockchains. How to keep track of them all? How to find the projects that are diamonds waiting to be discovered?

This week we dive into three research tools that will help you curate your dream NFT collection.

1) CryptoSlam!

First up, is CryptoSlam!, a great place to begin your research each day. The front page of CryptoSlam! gives an immediate overview of the NFT collections that are generating the most sales. Dig deeper by clicking on a collection, and CryptoSlam! provides detailed information on recent sales, how long the NFT was held before being sold, it’s rarity rank, etc. All super useful and interesting information.

2) Context

Next, check out Context. The beauty of this site is how information is presented. Context makes it easy to track the activity of NFT collectors. For example, you can see which NFTs CrytoPunk holders are buying and selling. Context does a great job surfacing useful information out of the flood of transactions happening every day on the blockchain.

3) Coniun

Finally, jump over to Coniun in search of new projects. Coniun has taken a similar approach to CryptoSlam! with a few notable differences. The most useful being their analytics on new mints. And they’ve done some work to automatically identify the new projects that are likely to be scams. Unlike CryptoSlam! and Context, full access to Coniun is not free.

These three tools can be helpful in identifying NFTs that are worth adding to your collection. However, always do careful research: some canny scammers can manipulate minting data or floor prices.

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