Newsletter #46

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All eyes were on Bored Ape Yacht Club this week after the collection’s creators acquired CryptoPunks and Meebits and then airdropped ApeCoin. It will takes some time for the volatility to subside. Until then the full impact of these developments are unknown. One thing is for certain: NFTs are entering a new stage that few could have predicted.

So, what’s next? In search of answers, we present three of this week’s best Twitter threads on the future of NFTs.

1) Overview of the NFT / Metaverse Landscape by @JavierAng_

We’ve been saying for awhile that NFTs are a lot more than profile pictures. In this recent thread, @JavierAng_ does a good job showing the true breadth of the NFT technology and scene. It serves as a helpful reminder that the future of NFTs will happen in many different fields: from marketplaces to identity layers and blockchains to DeFi. Read the full thread here.

2) “A few NFT trends I can’t stop thinking about” by @gregisenberg

Greg Isenberg shares a few thoughts on the NFT trends that have captured his imagination. Good ideas and good examples makes this an interesting read. Although, to be honest, Greg makes a couple arguments that we find hard to accept, we appreciated the provocation. Read the full thread here.

3) Data analytics of NFTs by @Curiotools

Curio, an app for NFT research, posted an analysis of whether collectors should sell their NFTs pre-reveal or post-reveal. The question is oddly specific and Curio has presented a lot of detailed analysis, which all makes this thread a satisfying read. It makes us wonder what kind of NFT analytics will be commonplace in the years ahead and how that will inform the behavior of NFT collectors. Read the full thread here.

These three perspectives on NFTs. Their opinions could be wrong. Always do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

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