Newsletter #48

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New NFTs are being released every week. So how do you keep up and find the drops worth minting? In this issue of the Lazy newsletter we explore three tools for staying up-to-date on tomorrow’s NFTs.


NFT Scoring will appeal to collectors that favor analytics. Upcoming drops are ranked by number of Twitter and Discord followers along with mint price. There is a metric for community engagement as well.

2) Rarity.Tools

Rarity Tools focuses on giving all the necessary information quickly: image samples, official links, minting price, etc. All on an infinite scroll which makes it easy to quickly go through dozens of projects. Rarity Tools picks up many projects that were not found on NFT Scoring.


NFT Calendar is worth a quick scan. It is less analytical and more curated. The upside is that there are many projects listed that were not on Rarity Tools or NFT Scoring. The downside is there isn’t much information given about why these particular projects were chosen. Still, it is a good idea to check NFT Calendar occasionally in search of gems.

These tools can be helpful in finding new NFTs. However, always do careful research: there is no guarantee that the future price of an NFT will exceed the initial mint price. In other words, only spend what you can afford to lose.

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