Newsletter #53

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OxOO is a self-described “collector of NFTs and OG enthusiast.” They’re particularly into Caked Apes, OneOnes, sPlots and orphan#boi. Check out their extensive collection at

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In these times of market volatility and uncertainty, it is sometimes helpful to take a step back and explore new areas of the NFT ecosystem. After all, NFTs are more than just collectibles.

This week we’re sharing three NFT apps that we find interesting.

1) is an NFT dashboard worth exploring. The site tracks useful metrics—such as 24-hour delistings, floor increases, and volume increases—giving the user a data-rich overview of the NFT market in real time. Check it out at

2) trains “deep neural networks to estimate CryptoPunks values based on the attributes and transaction history.” The intersection between machine learning and NFTs is fascinating and we’ll be watching closely to see how projects in this area evolve. Explore the app at

3) provides loans for NFTs. The protocol uses “lending pools that enable any type of NFT asset to be used as collateral.” Right now, users can deposit Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunk NFTs and take an immediate loan in USDC stablecoin. Be careful, though! If the price of the NFT decreases, you can get liquidated and lose your NFT. Learn more at

The NFT ecosystem continues to grow and new projects emerge weekly. What are the apps you find most interesting? Email us at

👉🏼 Want to make an impact on the NFT scene? Here’s your chance: is hiring a web3 front-end developer with React experience. Tens of thousands of collectors use to display their NFTs. Shape what they see. Apply now by sending a sample of your work. 👀

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