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This week’s featured collection is JNun

JNun is a “diamond hands, ride or die kind of NFT fan.” They collect GutterPunks, Lazy Lions and more. See their full collection at

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Today we’re exploring the burgeoning field of Music NFTs. A little over a year ago EulerBeats, on-chain algorithmically generated musical NFT, attracted tremendous interest. Since then, dozens of Music NFT projects have been launched.

Here are three Music NFT projects that we find interesting:

1) & and are the perfect place to start your exploration into Music NFTs. Both projects are designed to make listening to Music NFTs as easy as possible by automatically surfacing new tracks as they are minted.

2) are a collection of 1337 unique NFTs that embody “16 bars of generatively created dance music.” In other words, each Boonkbot is a robot that dances to a unique tune. Boonkbots minting is underway now and a few hundred are still available. Learn more at

3) has turned Music NFTs into a way for fans to invest in music. Royal NFTs promise to generate income by granting collectors a share of streaming royalty rights. For example, each Royal NFT of Big Boi’s song “Kill Jill” is worth .0433% of all streaming royalties. Explore more at

As always, do your own research before collecting any NFT.

There are many excellent Music NFT projects out there—we hope this gets you to explore the emerging field!

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