Newsletter #55

This week’s featured collection is Sk369

Sk369 is a “writer, speaker and innovator” that collects NFTs by women. Some of the highlights of their Lazy gallery include Women of the Universe, Flower Girl and Fame Lady. See their full women in NFTs collection at

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It is common for NFT projects to tout joining a community as one of the benefits for collectors. Bored Ape Yacht Club was, arguably, the first to popularize this approach by promising that the “token itself doubles as your membership to a swamp club for apes.”

Some membership NFTS are oriented around a shared aesthetic—such as, people who like the look of BAYC—while others are organized around a shared intellectual interest.

This week we’re exploring shared interest membership NFTs, projects that offer collectors an opportunity to meet others who are interested in a special topic.

1) CityDAO

CityDAO is for those interested in collective ownership of land. The DAO has purchased a parcel of land in Wyoming and has given access rights and governance to NFT owners. If decentralized land ownership and management fascinate you, then CityDAO’s community might be worth joining. Learn more at

2) Crypto Space Agency

The Crypto Space Agency (CSA) is building a “non-governmental space agency for the crypto nation.” In other words, this is the place for people passionate about human exploration of space, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and advanced space technology, such as asteroid destruction. And here’s something really cool: CSA plans to send one of their NFT collectors into space on Blue Origin! Get the full details at

3) LobsterDAO

LobsterDAO is a Telegram chat focused on DeFi and new experimental projects. Known for its key role in the launch of Curve’s CRV token, LobsterDAO’s chat is frequented by prominent developers in the DeFi community. Nowadays, access is granted to holders of the LobsterDAO NFT. Get all the details here.

As always, do your own research before collecting any NFT.

There are countless excellent NFT communities out there—we hope this gets you to explore!

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