Newsletter #56

This week’s featured collection is SimonPeret

Simon Peret is a street photographer and NFT artist. Simon’s collection on Lazy showcases some of their artwork. We were particularly drawn to the stark black and white aesthetic and emphasis of lines. See Simon’s collection at

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The Lazy Features That Make Your Life Easier was founded with a singular mission: be the easiest way to show off NFTs on all the blockchains. Today we support Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and NBA Top Shot NFTs with WAX coming soon!

Once you’ve added all your wallets, Lazy will automatically create a gallery of your NFTs. Now you can share your Lazy profile in your social media bios, email signature, and anywhere else on the Internet you’d like to display your multi-chain NFT collection. Easy!

Still, there’s more to discover on Lazy. Here are a few of our favorite features you may not know about:

1. Hide NFTs

You can hide NFTs from your profile page. Once you’re logged in, click the three dots on an NFT you own and select “Hide.” The NFT is still in your wallet but it will no longer show up on your profile.

Unhide NFTs by opening the menu and going to the Hidden NFTs option. Click on the three dots and choose unhide.

2. Use drag and drop to reorder pinned NFTs.

Pinning NFTs to your Lazy profile is a great way to emphasize which NFTs mean the most to you. Desktop users can also reorder their pinned NFTs by simply dragging and dropping them as they wish. Plus we’ve upped the pin limit to 30 for the big collectors out there.

3. Explore Lazy’s RabbitHole

One of the cool features of is a visual similarity search feature we call the RabbitHole. It’s not perfect (we’re working on it!) but it is a lot of fun to play with.

Here’s how it works: find an NFT you like, click the white circle in the right corner and select RabbitHole. Repeat.

For example, here is a trail of NFTs that we discovered beginning with a Hashmask.

Led us to The Twelve Steps by KnownOrigin

then “.sometimes ill admit im a lil slow with things, sorry“.

then “Headshot #9

Pretty cool, huh?

We hope these features make it easy for you to display and discover NFTs. Let us know how it goes!

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