Newsletter #57

This week’s featured collection is lanaeasteregg

Lanaeasteregg is a 20 year old design student who loves art, the NFT community & drinking tea. They use their Lazy profile to showcase the art they’ve created—they released their first NFT collection a few months ago—and the art they’ve collected. See their collection at

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This week we are searching the blockchain for NFTs worth collecting… and they must be under $150. The goal is to scoop up some deals on projects that might have the power to survive the crypto winter. Here’s a few candidates that we found:

Everything I Own is a recently released photography project that caught our attention. The artist, Stardrop, photographed all 1,026 things that they owned and minted each as an NFT. Their motivation? It is an “exploration of ownership, consumerism, and privacy in the world of crypto.” (Price: $150)

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Chainfaces is a generative NFT project that was launched in January 2020 and immediately went viral. The collection has had a total volume of over 950eth in sales. Today it is easy to grab a Chainface for under $150. Collecting this one is a bet on whether the project will go viral again in the future. (Price: $140)

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8th Wonders is a PFP collection by cubist artist 8th Project. If you’re looking for an inspiring story of an artist finding their way into NFTs, then you’ll love 8th Project’s journey. Plus the artwork is totally unique. (Price: $77)

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As always, do your own research before collecting any NFT. There are plenty of great NFT projects out there, good luck!

👉🏼 Want to make an impact on the NFT scene? Here’s your chance: is hiring a web3 front-end developer with React experience. Tens of thousands of collectors use to display their NFTs. Shape what they see. Apply now by sending a sample of your work. 👀

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