Newsletter #58

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This week’s featured collection is desultor

Desultor is “a dark pixel analog cryptoartist and degen nft collector.” They use their Lazy profile to display the many NFTs they have collected on Ethereum, Polygon and NBA TopShots. See their collection at

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This week we are continuing the hunt for NFTs worth collecting… and they must be under $150. The goal is to scoop up some gems that might have sustaining power. Here’s a few candidates that we found:

Rebel Society is a collection of 7,000 generative artworks “inspired by all the women who rebelled against society’s demands.” We’ve loving the angsty energy and cool art. (Price: $50)

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Kumo x World Residents is generative NFT project that supports mental health and children charities. Launched by a female artist, the project’s positive vibes are refreshing. (Price: $58)

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Dailydust is the eponymous collection of an artist of “whimsical and colorful illustration.” If you’re looking for some art that is unique and handmade, this could be it. (Price: $84)

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As always, do your own research before collecting any NFT. There are countless great NFT projects out there, good luck!

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