Newsletter #59

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This week’s featured collection is EdwardVS

EdwardVS is “crypto fan of the Wax blockchain!” They use their Lazy profile to spotlight the many WAX NFTs they have collected. Plus, they emailed us with some ideas on how to improve Thanks EdwardVS! See their collection at

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Thanks to Lazy’s new WAX integration collecting and sharing NFTs has never been easier

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) bring joy far and wide to collectors across the globe on a daily basis. From stunning indie art to desirable game pieces and even collections from leading toy brands, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Although the concept of digital blockchain collecting is still fairly new, WAX has hands-down increased the accessibility of these coveted items so that you can buy, sell, trade and create the things that you love.

And now, WAX makes an entrance into the world of Lazy, a huge quality-of-life improvement for anyone who enjoys NFT collecting and wants to share them with the world. At, you can link your wallets, view your collectibles in one spot and effortlessly show your finds off to the world.

What is Lazy?

Imagine being able to take all the NFTs that you’ve collected over the years from across multiple blockchains and seamlessly showcase them all in one spot — that’s Lazy.

It’s a crisp, clean platform that allows you to condense and sort through your collections with the click of a few buttons while giving you the power to share your favorites across social media.

We’re talking about any digital assets from Ethereum, Polygon, Solana — and now, WAX.

“We are excited to add the vibrant WAX NFTs ecosystem to [Lazy], the leading Personal NFT Presentation Platform. WAX has been a leading innovator for years. users globally will be excited to add their WAX collections,” says Mark Cuban, Founder of Lazy.

Adding your WAX wallet is easy

Simply login to your account, click “Add Wallet” and select WAX. You’ll be guided through connecting your WAX Cloud Wallet and Lazy will automatically display your NFTs. Easy!

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