Newsletter #63

This week’s featured collection is angel0wnz

Angel0wnz declares “NFTs are real. Get over it.” And we love the spirit. Aside from the Meebits pinned to their profile, Angel0wnz has collected dozens of Dolphrens, a free mint project, and hundreds of other unique NFTs. Take a look at

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Big Update to RabbitHole, the Visual Similarity Search

Lazy is the easiest way to display your NFTs. We all know that. But did you know that Lazy has a super easy way to find visually similar NFTs? We call it the RabbitHole.

We trained the RabbitHole AI by feeding it tons of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Then we asked it to use that knowledge to recommend NFTs that look similar. This is a fun way to find NFTs you might like. And it is useful for quickly checking if the NFT you are interested in is unique or a copy.

The upgraded RabbitHole can now return results for any NFT that you give it, even if it has never seen the NFT before.

Example #1: Find Visually Similar NFTs

In this example, we find an NFT that we find visually interesting and click on the three dots and select “RabbitHole.”

We are then led to a page of similar, but different, NFTs.

Clicking on any of these will lead to another page of similar NFTs.

And so on. This journey through visually similar NFTs can continue indefinitely, thanks to the RabbitHole’s artificial intelligence.

Example #2: Find Copycat NFTs

If you are the creator of an NFT project then you’ll find this use of the RabbitHole interesting. Click on the three dots on one of your NFTs and select RabbitHole.

And, if there is a copycat project on the blockchain, the RabbitHole might find it. For example, this time the RabbitHole has discovered a collection called “Fast Food Meebits” that has mimicked the original Meebits.

The new RabbitHole makes it easy to explore the world of NFTs. Just click the three dots on any NFT and have fun!

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