Newsletter #65

This week’s featured collection is VirusTheMerc

VirusTheMerc is a “a 23-year-old psychology graduate that paints the world in acrylic.” Check out their Lazy profile at for a selection of their original paintings.

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A joyful journey down the Rabbit Hole

One of the great things about NFTs is that they transform the blockchain into an open and accessible art gallery. Just as one might stroll an in-person art museum, it is now possible to explore artworks by strolling the blockchain.

Lazy’s Rabbit Hole is a great way to explore the world of NFT art in an intuitive way.

Here’s an example of how we recently used Rabbit Hole’s visual similarity engine to find new artworks.

We began with VirusTheMerc’s Glass Feathers.

Which led us to scatterhen.

Continuing the bird theme, we hopped to Golden Robin’s Nest

Then to Mentalism

And finally to Docked at Lock 23 — an artwork, we discovered, that was created by a generative AI.

We could have never predicted where we’d end up after starting with Glass Feathers. Along the way we saw new art and got a taste for the creativity of NFT artists.

Explore the Rabbit Hole and let us know what you think. If you’d like to integrate the Rabbit Hole into your app, get in touch.

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