Newsletter #66

This week’s featured collection is Klxne

Klxne is a digital artist from Florence, Italy. They showcase their hand-drawn art of fantastical imaginings on their Lazy profile. We especially love the image of bodies with Rubik’s Cubes for heads. Check out their gallery at

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New: Support for Coinbase Wallet on Polygon

Here’s a little something to make your life easier: we have added support for adding your Polygon NFTs using Coinbase Wallet Extension, a popular alternative to MetaMask.

It is a simple four step process.

Step 1) Go to and click “Add Wallet”

Step 2) Select Polygon

Step 3) Choose “Coinbase Wallet”

Coinbase Wallet will appear as an option if you have the extension installed and are logged in to it.

Step 4) Tap “Connect” to give Coinbase Wallet permission to share your address with

And you’re done!

Lazy’s mission is to make it as easy as possible to display all your NFTs on all the blockchains. How are we doing? Send us an email and let us know.

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