Newsletter #67

This week’s featured collection is Mintsaux

Mintsaux has a large NFT collection that ranges from Akutars to unique one-of-a-kind artwork. Lots to explore. Check it out at

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Three ways to perfect your gallery

After you’ve added your Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, WAX and TopShots wallets to your Lazy profile, it is time to customize how your collection is displayed.

There are three easy ways to perfect your Lazy profile: adding social links, pinning and hiding.

1. Add Social Links

You can add social links, a profile picture and a brief bio to your collection. It’s simple to add a bio and social links: go to your My Settings page and scroll down to the My Profile section. Adding a profile picture is equally easy: go to your collection, click the three dots on any NFT that you own and choose “Set as Profile Picture.”

2. Pin Your Favorite NFTs

Pinning an NFT will put it at the top of your gallery. Plus, you’ll be able to add a short caption explaining why the artwork is meaningful to you. To pin an NFT, click on the three dots, select “Pin” and write a few words describing the NFT.

3. Hide Unwanted NFTs

Hiding NFTs is crucial if your wallet has received spam or unwanted artworks. Sometimes these NFTs are airdropped to wallets and, because of the way the blockchain works, there is no way to refuse delivery. To hide an NFT, click on the three dots and select “Hide.” If you hide an NFT accidentally, you can unhide it by going to the “Hidden NFTs” option in the menu.

Once you’ve perfected your gallery, post a link on social media. We just might feature your collection in the next newsletter!

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