Newsletter #68

This week’s featured collection is CaptainRusseaux

CaptainRusseaux explains their approach to NFTs: “Crypto is my work, but NFT art is my passion. I’m not buying to sell or as an investment. I’m buying because … I really enjoy having these pieces.” Glimpse the artists they love at

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A strange trip into BizarroWorld

Lazy’s Rabbit Hole is great for when when you’re searching for visually similar artworks. However, when you’re in the mood for something different, you’ll want to check out BizarroWorld.

Unlike the RabbitHole, BizarroWorld displays NFTs that are visually the opposite. It is a counterintuitive approach that yields wild results.

To access BizarroWorld, click the three dots on any NFT and select “BizarroWorld.”

Here’s an example of how we recently used BizarroWorld’s visual anti-similarity engine to find new artworks.

We began with Perro Loco 2021 Luther.

This led us to Old Persia

From there we discovered CryptoMinis

We ended up at Roo.

Browsing NFTs based on difference, not similarity, is a great way to expose yourself to wide ranging artwork. It is impossible to know what you’ll discover in BizarroWorld.

Explore BizarroWorld and let us know what you think. If you’d like to integrate the Rabbit Hole or BizarroWorld into your website, get in touch.

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