Newsletter #69

This week’s featured collection is Bstract

Bstract is an “artist and musician selling hand painted digitally enhanced 1/1 NFT art.” We’re featuring their artwork this week because Bstract has done something very creative with their Lazy profile: two figures walk across different NFTs and then meet in the center for a kiss. Clever! Check it out at

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A trend to keep an eye on: Dynamic NFTs

It used to be that once minted, NFTs stayed the same. The NFT’s image, or video, didn’t change on a day-to-day basis. This basic assumption is now being challenged by a new kind of NFT that is designed to be dynamic.

These so-called “living NFTs” query oracles to get information about the world and then change themselves based on the data.

One recent project that has pioneered the dynamic NFT approach is Finiliar.

Finiliar NFTs change their mood based on the price of various cryptocurrencies. If the price of their associated cryptocurrency goes down then the Finiliar gets sad. If it goes up, they are happy.

Dynamic NFTs clearly have a lot of potential. The implications for the Metaverse and on-chain gaming, for example, could be profound. We’ll be keeping an eye on this trend as we expect many more living NFTs will be released in the months ahead.

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