Newsletter #72

This week’s featured collection is Meisanmui

Meisanmui is “an artist born in Thailand” inspired by anime. They draw “beautiful and ethereal beauty.” Their art spans 4 blockchains with pieces on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Wax. Browse their collection at

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Poll Results: What do collectors value most in an NFT? Utility and Beauty.

In last week’s newsletter, we asked “What do you value most in an NFT?”

The results are now in. And, to be honest, we’re a bit surprised.

Utility was ranked #1 with 38% of respondents picking it. Next was Beauty (23%) and Technological Innovation (18%).

To our surprise, community—a previously much touted selling point for many NFTs—ranked last. Is this because of recent drama in various NFT communities? Or is there another reason why 91% of collectors valued a different aspect more highly?

Now that we know Utility is #1 for many collectors, we’re curious to hear about the NFT projects that have the most utility. Send your picks to us at and we might feature them in a future newsletter.

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