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This week’s featured collection is LazyPurp

LazyPurp’s collection caught our attention because of its focus on mashups between popular culture and crypto culture. For example, LazyPurp has collected a few different NFTs that combine the aesthetics of CryptoPunks with portraits of Drake, J Cole and others. It’s cool to see such a unique approach. Check it out at

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The NFT bridges are coming… will collectors use them?

A user bridges a PudyPenguin to Optimism from Ethereum using the Quix bridge.

Earlier this week Quix, an NFT marketplace on the layer 2 blockchain Optimism, released an NFT bridge that allows collectors to move their Ethereum NFTs to Optimism and back again. Although NFT bridges have been theorized for a long time, Quix’s bridge is one of the first to link Ethereum to a layer two.

By now, many crypto users are familiar with the concept of a bridge. In simple terms, bridges transport tokens between blockchains. Until now, these tokens have been fungible. Now the concept has been extended to include NFTs.

Advocates of bridging argue that it’ll allow for cheaper NFT marketplaces because the gas fees on layer two blockchains are less than on layer one blockchains. These cheaper fees won’t impact the inherent value of the NFT, the argument goes, because the NFT can be bridged back to the layer one blockchain at any time.

Critics of bridging point to the numerous and frequent bridge hacks. In fact, some of the biggest hacks in crypto have been carried out against bridges—such as, the recent $550+ million hack of Binance’s BNB Chain bridge. Critics argue that bridges are inherently risky and therefore not suitable for NFTs.

Ultimately, the fact is NFT bridges now exist. And we can reasonably assume that many more will be released in the weeks and months ahead. The real question is: will collectors use them?

Will you use NFT bridges? If so, which blockchains do you want to bridge between? If you will not use NFT bridges, is there anything that would make you change your mind or is the risk simply too great?

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