Newsletter #77

This week’s featured collection is OCrypto

OCrypto is a “curator of fine crypto art.” We were immediately drawn into their evocative collection of abstract swirling colors. Check it out at

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Tezos is now on

Our mission at is to be the easiest way to show off your NFTs on all the blockchains. already works with Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, NBA Top Shots and WAX NFTs. And today we are happy to announce that we have added support for Tezos NFTs!

Displaying Tezos NFTs in your collection is quick and painless:

  1. Go to your My Settings page at

  2. Click “Add Wallet”

  3. Select Tezos

  4. Choose your wallet provider and approve the connection in your wallet


When you navigate to your profile page your Tezos NFTs will now appear.

After you add your Tezos NFTs, send us an email at with a link to your collection. We just might feature you in an upcoming newsletter!

👉🏼 Hey! Are you a web3 dev that wants to make an impact on the NFT scene? 👀

Here’s your chance: is seeking a web3 front-end developer with React experience. Tens of thousands of collectors use to display their NFTs. Help us shape what they see. Apply now by sending a sample of your work.

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