Newsletter #78


Introducing: Friday Beers

Created in late 2019 by brothers Jack, Max, and Sam Barrett, Friday Beers began as a collection of Instagram accounts that gained popularity as a relatable voice in weekend culture, sports, music, and character-driven comedy. Today their growing network comprises over 7+ million followers and delivers hundreds of millions of monthly impressions across a family of brands.

Friday Beers is now expanding onto the Ethereum blockchain with a collection of 5,555 NFTs designed by comedy central animator, Mike Manor. Each NFT is loaded with utility including: discounts & exclusive perks across 15+ established brand partners; VIP access pass to IRL Friday Beers Events and exclusive holder events; Weekly raffles, partner giveaways and more…

The Friday Beers mint sold out on October 26 and the artwork reveal is happening soon. Learn more about Friday Beers at their website or on Twitter.

Check out Friday Beer’s collection at

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Reader Questions 📬

Q: I store my NFTs in two different Ethereum wallets. Is there a way to add both wallets to my Lazy profile?

A: Yes! You can easily add multiple wallets to your Lazy profile. Simply go to the My Wallets page at and click Add Wallet. Choose Ethereum and follow the prompts to add your next wallet.

Q: Is it safe to connect my wallets to Lazy?

A: Absolutely safe! To see why, it is important to understand the three different components that work together whenever you access a blockchain application.

First, there is your wallet provider, such as MetaMask, Rainbow or Coinbase. The wallet provider stores your private key and keeps a record of your various public wallet addresses.

Second, there is the website you are interacting with. These websites can ask your wallet provider to do three things: a) tell it your public address b) sign a transaction or c) submit a transaction.

Third, there is the blockchain where transactions are received and recorded. If you allow your wallet provider to sign or submit a transaction, it will ultimately end up being recorded on the blockchain.

If you simply “connect” your wallet to then all you’ve done is let us know your public address. Therefore, it is perfectly safe!

Lazy will only ask you to sign or approve a transaction if you attempt to buy or sell an NFT.

TLDR: Simply connecting a wallet to Lazy to display your NFTs is 100% safe.

👉🏼 Hey! Are you a web3 dev that wants to make an impact on the NFT scene? 👀

Here’s your chance: is seeking a web3 front-end developer with React experience. Tens of thousands of collectors use to display their NFTs. Help us shape what they see. Apply now by sending a sample of your work.

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