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This week’s featured collection is Symulakra

Symulakra is an artist that uses Dall-E 2 to create “AI fantasy portraits and worlds.” The portraits are impressive in the way they capture an intense emotional landscape. Browse Symulakra’s art at

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Exploring a physical art gallery for NFTs in London

Forever curious about how the NFT ecosystem continues to grow, last week we went on a field trip to The NFT Gallery, a physical art gallery in London, UK. Here’s what we found:

The NFT Gallery aims to bridge the divide between traditional art & digital NFTs. They hold exhibitions, help well-known artists to digitize their art collections as NFTs, and assist traditional art buyers in collecting NFTs (from setting up wallets, to sourcing pieces).

Walking in, it feels like your typical art gallery and that’s been a big part of their vision. The three founders, who all grew up around traditional art collectors, noticed that NFTs weren’t reaching the typical art audience.  They found that the barrier wasn’t lack of interest, but moreso that artists & art collectors couldn’t ‘see’ or visualise how NFTs work. The existence of a physical gallery lets people drop-in to learn and get comfortable with blockchain technology.

In fact, their current exhibition of William John Kennedy’s behind-the-scenes photography of Andy Warhol resulted from a walk-in encounter. William John Kennedy had the images of Andy Warhol in storage and was intrigued about what could be done with them as NFTs.  

If all goes well, The NFT Gallery plans to open an outpost in New York in January. You can follow their progress at

Have you ever encountered an NFT in a physical space? How was the experience different from an online interaction? Send us a note at and tell us about what you learned.

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