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This week’s featured collection is Scriptron2022

Scriptron2022 has been “illustrating and painting since way before computers.” They feature a few of their creative futuristic shoe designs on their Lazy profile. We’ve seen anything like it! Browse Scriptron2022’s art at

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It was a heartbreaking week for the crypto community… let’s soften the blow by taking care of each other!


Via @LookCaitlin, Original Source: Family Computing (1984)

There is no doubt that this week will be remembered as one of the most difficult in the history of cryptocurrencies. FTX, a major exchange, has collapsed practically overnight, wiping out over a million users with as yet unknown ramifications for the broader ecosystem. Already the contagion has spread to BlockFi, which has suspended withdrawals, and rumors are swirling that many NFT projects have lost their treasuries. Regardless of what is to come, one thing above all is most important: we must take care of each other.

In the coming days, savvy analysts will write the commentaries to help us all understand what went wrong and what red flags were missed. For our part, we would just like to say that now is the time for the crypto community to show itself compassion. Reach out to your NFT collecting buddies, check in and make sure they are keeping their head up.

Remember, this too shall pass.

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