Newsletter #81


This week’s featured collection is Kelvinism

Kelvinism is an eclectic collector of Ethereum NFTs. They have some abstract art pieces and a few profile pic NFTs. Overall, an interesting mix of genres and styles. Check it out at

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Pro tip: You can easily list your Ethereum, WAX and Tezos NFTs for sale with a couple clicks from your Lazy profile

Once you list an NFT for sale, anyone can buy it directly from your profile.

Everyone knows Lazy makes it super simple to display your NFTs. Just connect your Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, WAX and/or Tezos wallets and your NFTs will automatically appear. But did you know it is also extremely easy to list NFTs for sale?

Lazy supports buying and selling NFTs on Ethereum, WAX and Tezos. To list an NFT for sale, simply click the three dots on an NFT and select “Sell.”

Once you approve the transaction your Ethereum NFTs will be listed on OpenSea, WAX NFTs will be listed on AtomicHub and Tezos NFTs will be on Rarible. They will also be available for purchase directly from your Lazy profile.

We’re adding new features to Lazy all the time. Is there one killer feature you wish we would add next? Send us a note at and tell us about it!

👉🏼 Hey! Are you a web3 dev passionate about NFTs? 👀 is seeking a web3 front-end developer with React experience. Tens of thousands of collectors use to display their NFTs. Help us shape what they see. Apply now by sending a sample of your work.

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