Newsletter #90


This week’s featured collector: Jeevan

Jeevan has a sizable collection of Ethereum NFTs. In fact, they have a little bit of everything—from ENS names to generative art to profile pics. Lots of interesting finds! Check it out at

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What do you think about Conceptual NFTs?

This week released a curated list of Conceptual NFTs. This is a genre of NFTs “in which the idea or concept takes precedence over traditional aesthetic, technical, or material concerns.” In other words, while many NFTs are judged by how they look, Conceptual NFTs are judged by their ideas.

A few of the Conceptual NFTs with the highest volume.

The curated list of Conceptual NFTs has generated some buzz in the ecosystem. Primarily because this is not a genre that many collectors are familiar with. In fact, 32 out of 75 NFTs on the list have 0 volume.

View the full list here.

So what do you think? Is this a tremendous opportunity to scoop up NFTs in a neglected genre? Or are Conceptual NFTs interesting but not worth collecting?

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