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This week’s featured collector is TagachiStudio

TagachiStudio’s is a “creator, collector and contributor.” Their collection of Ethereum NFTs includes a Friendship Bracelet along with different kinds of community membership certificates. Browse TagachiStudio’s gallery at

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Two recent NFT projects have attracted a lot of attention among collectors. Here’s a look into what can be learned by their success.

The Quadratic Funding Collection

On the first day of March, a collection of the foundational texts on Quadratic Funding were bundled together and sold as an NFT. Funds raised from the NFT sale were “split between the Gitcoin Grants Matching Pool and the Plurality Institute, both of which fund and support public goods.” It took several days for the NFT sale to get noticed, but once collectors realized that the collection included an essay by Vitalik Buterin, one of the creators of Ethereum, it quickly sold out and became one of this week’s most traded NFTs.

While many commentators have credited the success of this project to Buterin’s association, there are two other aspects worth noting: 1) The NFT is a collection of texts which makes this a success story for NFT books 2) The NFT funded charity, demonstrating the positive potential for NFTs in fundraising.


This week the creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club released a generative NFT collection on the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin NFTs are a relatively new invention and the quick adoption by Yuga Labs surprised collectors and inspired creators. TwelveFold was sold via auction and raised over $16m.

The success of TwelveFold suggests a continued hunger among NFT collectors for innovation. The success of TwelveFold wasn’t just because Yuga Labs created it—although that obviously played an important role. It was also because TwelveFold was released onto Bitcoin. This made it feel fresh and exciting. There was a joy to discovering the intricacies of a new blockchain’s NFT system.

This week’s poll: What is your NFT strategy? Are you buying, selling or holding?

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