Scott Finney’s Story

It was a 2015 Denver Startup Week presentation titled “Status of Bitcoin Currency and Blockchain Technology” that made Scott Finney take notice of decentralized technology. Over the next couple years there were mentions of blockchain topics here and there. Fall of 2017, Scott had just completed a 2.5 month bicycle ride across the USA. He noticed during his brief sabbatical blockchain technology was no longer a topic reserved for nerd heavy crowds. Decentralized technology was now part of the nightly news.

He is excited to help businesses connect to the blockchain, but sees the user adoption challenge that blockchain technology faces. This is why Scott enjoys taking on the marketing role at web3devs. He can use his recent business development and digital marketing skills along with his past experience as a software engineer to bridge the communication gap.


WyoHackathon 2018

Electronic Corporate Formation Portal
team member

WINNER Best for Wyoming Challenge
WINNER ActiveAether Challenge
WINNER ShapeShift Challenge for Wyoming Hackathon

Attendee / Participant

  • EOS Hackathon San Francisco 2018

  • WyoHackathon Wyoming Hackathon 2018

  • ETHmemphis 2018

Ask Scott About:

  • Journey of Hope Cyclist
  • Eating a Guinea Pig in Peru
  • Seed Hatchery Startup Accelerator Alumni
  • Auburn University Graduate
  • Pi Kappa Phi Member