web3devs WyoHackathon 2018

We won big and connected with amazing people!

WyoHackathon 2018

September 7-9, 2018

Memorial Fieldhouse Laramie, WY 82070

Have you heard about all the blockchain activity happening in the state of Wyoming?
The Wyoming Blockchain Coalition is up there raising awareness and educating the state. While the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force is introducing legislation to encouraging blockchain using businesses to incorporate in Wyoming.

web3devs heard about the pro-blockchain activities taking place and decided we should see it for ourselves. A group of us participated in the WyoHackathon 2018. Not only did we connect with the amazing people behind all the positive blockchain business activity, we won big with our submitted project.

web3devs WyoHackathon Team
Wyohackathon Banner

Our WyoHackathon Strategy: REVEALED

We had two main focuses:

  1. Go after the Best for Wyoming Challenge
  2. Incorporate as many of the additional bounties as possible

Wyoming had passed 5 pro-blockchain laws earlier in the year. The 5 laws were a popular topic both on the stage and off the stage. Wyoming is providing a healthy place for blockchain using businesses to incorporate. The laws make it easier for Wyoming LLCs to conduct B2B transactions and that is what we wanted to create a project around.

WyoHackathon web3devs Project

The project we submitted was called Electronic Corporate Formation Portal.

Our project was created for the Wyoming Secretary of State to:

  • Register your business online
  • Create/store public blockchain addresses for the business
  • Provide a crypto payment method

We were able to incorporate 6 bounties into the project.

Find the submitted project here: https://devpost.com/software/electronic-corporate-formation-portal

Our Project Was Built With:

  • node.js
  • react
  • infura
  • active-aether
  • mongodb
  • bitcoin
  • ethereum
  • pivx
Aaron Anderson gives initial pitch
Aaron Anderson gives initial pitch
Outline of Our Project
web3devs team delivering final pitch
WyoHackathon Prizes

WINNER Best for Wyoming Challenge

Best new idea deploying blockchain to benefit Wyomingites

$9,375 each (Sponsors – Caitlin Long, University of Wyoming, Visceral Art, Wyoming Technology Business Center, JAM Escrow)

Prize pack included:

  • $8,000 + 1 Yr Rent-Free Office Space ($5,000 value)
  • Corporate Registration ($750 value)
  • Marketing Video ($5,000 value)
web3devs wins Best for Wyoming Challenge

WINNER MakerDAO DAI Prize – $3,000 worth of DAI

WINNER ActiveAether Challenge – $20,000 worth of FogCoin

WINNER ShapeShift Challenge for Wyoming Hackathon

Caitlin Long meets web3devs
Joseph Lubin was around WyoHackathon
Scott got a picture with Patrick Byrne Overstock

The Web3devs team returned to Wyoming the following year for Wyohackathon 2019.