Drew Patel of Pollinate Winner at EOS Hackathon San Fran 2018

Meet Drew Patel of Pollinate

Today we are speaking with Drew Patel of Pollinate.

They were a top 3 winner in San Fran at EOS Hackathon 2018.

On this episode, we hear Drew’s story of how he started in the blockcahin space.
How the team and idea for Pollinate formed in San Francisco.
How Pollinate evolved after San Fran till now.

Blockchain Stack

Drew shares his current technical stack and what it takes to grab his interest in attending a hackathon.

Why Attend Hackathons

Connecting with amazing people like Drew is a big reason the web3devs team travels to hackathons around the world.

On web3talks, we talk about Blockchain technology and how the business world is adopting blockchain.

Connect with Drew Patel
Twitter @dewpey

identifying – Drew’s current project

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